Even if I am just five years old, I understand, my dad wants me to join Marley's warrior for a Titan power

-No. I won't.- I replied.- I'm fine here, in Eldia 

He thinks that I don't know what I will do if I become one. There, we'll be discriminated, just by that stupidly thing, I think that in Marley, they wash their brains. They are from Eldia, and fight against Eldia. 

-Yes, she is right. You should listen her!- said mama 

-OK.- he sighs.- You're right. I'm and idiot. Hahaha.- continues dad

Let's see what would happen if I join Marley, as a damn warrior. Which Titan power I'll have?

First of all, yes I know Annie, Reiner and Berthold. Why I didn't say that!? Yeah, I don't want to die...                      My dad (who was from Marley) was going to join the Warriors.  

Let's see, I'm not stronger than Annie, Reiner, Berthold or Marcel. I'll never be able to control a titan, I can't kill someone fastly. I'll never kill innocent people just for been less discriminated. I'll live in a ghetto that practically is a training zone, and I'm saying that I would hate it...