Wall of Pallene (パレムのn壁, Paremu no Kabe) is the Fifth Wall of Cronus which protects Humanity to fall as food for the man-eating creatures, the Titans. It is the Third Wall made by Humanity in desperation and is officially declared to be unstable to offer the ultimate protection against the Titans, kept hidden from Cronus' civilization by the Military. Pallene is the first victim of the Titan Assault where the Titans broke through the wall at the district of Dione, losing its entire population where only 48 out of 50.000 survived the assault.

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Assault on Pallene Edit

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District Dione Edit

Dione is the most outer district of all cities in Cronus, and the closest to the most vulnerable wall of the Human Made Walls, Pallene. The district was known to be split in the ‘wealth’ and the ‘filth’ (poor) to judge the value of human lives, of the civilians of Pallene’s Dione. It is also the first district to have fallen to the Titans and caused Humanity to lose an entire population, with the exception of a few survivors (less than a 100).

Before Dione had become a ruin and a graveyard to the dead, it was a place of a lot of greeneries unlike the other districts of Wall Pallene. The small river that flowed into the city ended up to be a huge lake, circled and a bit rounded, with some deep edges with low water surrounding the earthy grass.

It was also known to have many animals wandering in, bred by the ‘poor’ of Dione and sold as expensive luxury for the rich, earning enough money to tend their own families. Sadly, most animals have fallen to the brutality of these Titans, or ushered to the next district of Pallene, Enceladus.

Extraordinary animals were several species of the birds and horses; these were specially trained to aid Humanity’s Military, specifically for the Scout Legion.

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  • Salil of the Outskirts.

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  • According to the Military the Register Book of Civilization in year 880 the population of Pallene is between 275.000 and 315.000. After the fall of Dione, Pallene lost circa 50.000 civilians, and counted 48 survivors from the Assault on Pallene (Dione). In total Pallene has circa 260.000 civilians.
  • The civilization of Pallene is classified as 'Civilians'.