"You'll have to try harder than that, Mister Erwin."

Torvald Nass is one of Axel Striker's personalities. He has a sword called Rebel and uses it against titans. He makes a cameo, like Axel's other personalities, in Attack on Titan Reborn.

Appearance Edit

Torvald has short spiky blonde hair. He is very tall and has a large build. He wears a blue sleeveless vest left open showing off his bulky chest and arms. He wears grey pants and a black belt with a sword sheath containing Rebel in it.

Personality Edit

Torvald is competitive and aggressive. He is also hard working and serious. Despite this, he gets along with Angelina. He likes to help people out, and likes killing titans. He is also very formal, calling people 'sir', 'miss' and 'mister'.

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Trivia Edit

  • Torvald is the tallest personality.
  • He also has another theme song called 'Space pirates' by Waterflame.