"Pick a card, any card."

Top-hat is one of Axel Striker's personalities and the is protagonist of the series AoT Reborn: The Adventures of Top-Hat and the others. He has a flute like the Pied Piper's and a deck of cards. His flute is used to lead things, mainly people, away from their homes. He makes a cameo, like Axel's other personalities, in Attack on Titan Reborn.

Appearance Edit

Top-hat wears a black vest and white collared shirt. He wears a black bow tie and pants. He wears black dress shoes. On his head is his signature black top hat. He wears a bandit mask over his eyes. Spiky bits of hair stick out from under his top hat. He wears white gloves and a black cape that goes down to his ankles.

Personality Edit

Top-hat is described to be insane by the Military Police. He always grins and remains calm, even when he was about to be hanged. He is like a joker, never taking anything seriously. He likes to toy with others weaknesses, making him psychotic. He has little sympathy for the injuries and death he has caused.

Story Edit

Abilities Edit

Card tricks Edit

Top-hat is able to use cards as a mode of teleportation, such when he was sentenced to the gallows, he threw a card on the ground and steps on it, and then he disappeared.

He can also make 'card bombs' which is where the victim picks up the card, which is lying on the floor, and it sets the victim and itself on fire. The cards are usually an ace or joker.

Top-hat is capable of trapping people in cards then burning them. When he says pick a card, any card, he is going to trap you.

Controlling Fire Edit

He can conjure flames out of the palm of his hand. He is also possibly immune to the fire himself, however it is only a rumour spread by the Military Police.

Flute playing Edit


Top-hat's flute is able to lead anyone or anything. He can be heard playing a tune, which is 'Bloody Stream' from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, leading the titans away from the Survey Corps. He also uses it for his own entertainment, making the cadets dance with each other. He can use any tune as long as he knows who he's making dance or leading away.

Relationships Edit

Erwin Smith - Erwin let Top-hat come on an Expedition on the agreement that he wouldn't hurt any of the Survey Corps members. Erwin doesn't trust Top-hat one bit, though.

Axel Striker - Top-hat is aware of Axel and often speaks of him, saying he's the nicest person he's met because Axel shares his body with him.

Petra Ral - Petra knows Top-hat is Axel, unlike everyone else, and she favours him over the other personalities. Top-hat admires her back.

Oluo Bozado - Oluo also knows who Top-hat is, and gets along with him well.

Trivia Edit

  • Top-hat's theme song is 'Bloody Stream'.
    • He also does the dramatic poses like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Only Dermot, Gunther, Oluo and Petra know Top-hat is Axel's personality.