"They say he never misses, but I can't be sure."
— Speaking about 'Axe man'

Thames Striker is the civilian form of the main protagonist of AoT Superheroes. He is not as evil has his villain form, but has murdered some people as a werewolf.

Appearance Edit

Thames is tall and skinny. He is tanned and has a long rectangular face. He has narrow eyes and a long nose. He has curly hair shaved at the sides. He wears a white or black shirt with a blue and black baseball jacket.

His wolf-man form makes him have a Wolverine haircut and a snout. His shirt is not ripped or torn off. He is covered in grey fur.

Personality Edit

Thames is cold and silent, only speaking when he needs to. He gets depressed easily. He doesn't like going on killing sprees in his werewolf form when he's mad, as innocents get murdered. He is easily persuaded to do things and is very naive.

History Edit

Thames' mother was killed when he was two years old. She died in a plane crash with her band whom she was the manager of. Thames' father felt as though he wasn't responsible enough by himself to be a father, so he gave Thames to his half-brother Vlad. Thames grew up with his cousin Mark.

Story Edit