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Thames reborn form: Thames A-J Striker (Reborn)

Young High School: Axel Striker (Young HS)

"You'd lie for a friend, right, Eren?" - To Eren
Thames (pronounced Tames) A J Striker, or otherwise known as Axel Striker, was a Survey Corp member and now a part of the Izans. He is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan Reborn. He has killed thirty titans altogether. Although more skilled than most of the top ten graduates, he purposely didn't get in because he wanted to join the Scouts and wanted to give the others a chance. He is the only hybrid of a vampire and werewolf. He became friends with Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhardt, Jean Kirsten and Marco Bodt.

Appearance Edit

Axel is short and slender, looking quite fragile. He has broad shoulders and slightly wider than the average cis male's hips. He has a round face and hazel coloured eyes. His hairstyle constantly changes, but his debut haircut is an undercut and black hair that is parted on top.

Eric makes Axel taller, but for a majority of his life he was shorter than most of his friends.

He wore the Survey Corps jacket and a white button-up shirt underneath. He wore the green cape on expeditions. When it rained he wore a black windbreaker, despite it not being part of the uniform. He wears the boots over white pants.

He casually wore a red jacket, white shirt and black jeans.

Personality Edit

Axel was a rather blunt person, saying exactly how he thinks of you and doesn't care if it hurts you. Although he did have a nice side, and would help you out if you need it. He was quick to anger and cold. When in a fit of rage he was hard to control and could cause lots of damage to property and people. Even though he lacked empathy, he did feel slightly guilty after hurting someone close to him. He is often clueless and lost. He was a great storyteller and that also made him a great liar. He could also be quite stupid when it came to common sense, as he almost always ends up throwing himself and others into stupid situations.

During training, Axel went from the quiet boy to the boy who says whatever's on his mind. He was the comedian of the bunch, however he could be serious and very morbid at times. He was the only trainee not to be scarred from the titans after graduation. He did feel a bit depressed from seeing Marco and his cousin Mark's corpse. Axel would stick up for his friends when they needed it. He also was a bit of a flirt at times. He often goes with the majority vote, unless he completely disagrees.

After being revealed as a traitor, Axel's mind snapped. He became unpredictable and unreliable. He was more prone to lash out and seriously injure someone or himself.

History Edit

"Wow, the Underground is so cool!" - Axel commenting about Underground
Axel had a normal life until the age eleven which was when Vlad and Grace Tyrones got sick and died. The three men in black suits came and took the two boys house away, forcing Mark and Axel to move Underground. There they met Levi, Farlan and Isabel. Mark joined their gang and eventually were able to move above the ground again.

While being Underground, Axel learnt how to fight, which was why he had a better reaction time than the other trainees.

He turns out to have lied about not knowing who his biological parents were and where his village was. He came from the town of Darwyn, which is outside of the walls. He was forced into being a vampire and werewolf hybrid at age fourteen because of a fight. Later, he joins the Izans and breaks down the wall with Reiner and Bertolt.

Story Edit

His Story Edit

After hitting Oluo, Axel is forced to tell his backstory to the Levi Squad. He starts off with his parents death and going Underground. Dermot tells Axel to stop lying and cut to the chase. Axel sighs and starts telling them how he knew his real parents and hometown. He also admits that he was adopted at age eight, not when he was a baby.

Humanity's Comeback arc Edit

Axel enlisted in the military because he wanted to fight titans like Mark. He was considered to have the best reaction time out of all the trainees. When Eren asked how to get his reaction time up, Axel replied with 'he was used to getting hit.'

Distress Edit

Two years before graduation the trainees go out to learn to sustain themselves in times of peace. Axel brings a small pocket-sized Rubik's cube and fiddles with it for a majority of the episode.

The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc Edit

Preparations for the Expedition Edit

Levi picks Axel to be in the Special Operations Squad. Eren and Axel got along quite well, mainly because they were in training together. While cleaning the building, Axel listens in to Eren and Petra's conversation. He then leans in and starts being obnoxious. Later, at night, Axel asked Hange about her titans.

The next day Axel seemed upset about Sawney and Beane's death. He also was more upset after learning of Marco's death later on. Erwin asked him about the titan's deaths, however Axel hadn't a clue what he was going on about despite Erwin explaining it to him.

One day, Eren accidentally half-transformed. While the rest of the Special Operations Squad was yelling and threatening Eren, he wasn't paying attention.

After a month, the 57th Expedition started. Axel was excited to be going out, and was rather restless. When entering the forest, Axel notices the Female Titan. He remains calm and keeps his eyes straight ahead.

Abilities Edit

Strength Edit

Even though he was skinny, Axel could easily take down titans with one swing of his blades. Not only that, but he was able to carry objects two times his weight. During the Female Titan fight, he was able to make one deep gash on her back, before being thrown.

Vampire Edit

Axel's vampire abilities make him capable of withstand being murdered. He unfortunately can still bleed out, because of his werewolf part.

Relationships Edit

Eren Jeager Edit

Eren and Axel didn't talk much during training. While in the Special Operations Squad, though, Eren learned a lot about Axel and Axel learned a lot about Eren. When he told Eren he knew Annie was the Female Titan all along, Eren was furious at him. He threatened to kill Axel, and Axel responded to this by laughing. The two eventually made up, and became friends again.

Jean Kirstein Edit

Jean and Axel agreed on lots of things that were 'important'. He used to take Jean's side and defend him when he needed it. Although he'll never admit it, Jean is thankful for Axel doing that. When told by other cadets they looked the same, Jean says Axel can play Eren instead of him, but Axel says he's too short.

Reiner Braun Edit

The two hit it off in the beginning of training and stayed friends ever since. During training Axel cut his right index finger clean off. The next day it was back on and he lied and said it was stitched back together. Reiner, Bertolt and Annie knew this was a lie as he didn't have a scar. He eventually told them individually that he was a hybrid and in return they told him their secret. His werewolf is often seen hooked onto the back of Reiner's.

Bertolt Hoover Edit

Bertolt and Axel shared lots of inside jokes, one being that Bertolt sweats like an out-of-control sprinkler, and both are usually quiet unless with each other. Axel's werewolf form is only seen once hooked onto the back of Bertolt's.

Annie Leonhardt Edit

Axel fancied Annie after fighting against her in training. The two went out for three years, 847 to 850, but unfortunately had to break up due to Annie moving to the inner wall. During the 57th Expedition, Annie tries to do as little damage to Axel as possible, and Axel did the same. Although he got angry, he later states he didn't mean to yell. When speaking about Annie and Axel's relationship, Axel says they were just being 'friendly' and Reiner says, "Friendly? You two were smo-". He was cut off by Axel screaming, though it was pretty clear he was saying 'smooching'.

Marco Bodt Edit

Marco and Axel were close friends. Marco introduced him to Jean.

Oluo Bozado Edit

Oluo and Axel had a close relationship.

Petra Ral Edit

The two were best friends, often doing annoying things together.

People Killed Edit

James Newton

Byron Motour

Ben Jates


Daley Bronstone

Indirectly Edit

  • Numerous citizens of Wall Maria
  • Members of the Garrison
  • Freeman Rich (As a werewolf)

Quotes Edit

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"Humans are the real monsters here."

"I'm Axel J Striker and I come from my house."

"It's not bloody rocket science!"

"Up my a*shole."

"You sweaty, sweaty, sweaty b*stard."

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So I did. My lemonade is comedy, the best type."

"Annie and I were just being 'friendly'."

"Before I die, I want to be in a relationship."

"All my love interests are dead or near death."

Personalities Edit

Axel has a few personalities that show at certain times. His hair colour, shape and length somehow changed depending on the personality.

Top-hat Edit

Top-hat is a magical anti-hero who has a special deck of cards and flute which resembles the Piped Piper's from Shrek.

Angelina Edit

Angelina is Axel's feminine personality. She likes make-up, but she is terrible at applying it. Angelina likes saying 'Oh my goyyyd!" and acts like Miranda Sings.

Torvald Edit

Torvald is a sword-wielding Norwegian man that has inhuman strength. Torvald has only appeared once.

Trivia Edit

  • Axel is ambidextrous.
  • Axel's favourite anime is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure because he liked the poses and music.
  • His favourite YouTuber was Markiplier.
    • He didn't mind Jay from the Kubz Scouts either.
    • His favourite singer was Parry Gripp, but now he doesn't have one.
  • He often made references to modern things such as when he said he came from his house, which is a reference to DHMIS. Other references are Geometry Dash, Justin Bieber, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic.
  • He knows 'Let it grow' off by heart, and he often boasts about it.
  • Axel is an alto, but can sing soprano.
  • According to Petra, Axel wet the bed until age twelve.
    • Axel earlier stated that sometimes he still did wet the bed.
  • When nervous he started choking.
    • He also makes random noises.