Samuel Hayden
Alexander Cook
Name Samuel Hayden
Other names Sammy, Dr. Hayden, Doctor, Lord Archangel
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height 6'5"
Relatives Unknown Heritage
Affiliation Scout Regiment

Church of the Walls

Former Affiliation Avalon
103rd Cadet Regiment
Rank Current


Status Alive
Other Information
Titan Kills Unknown

Doctor Samuel Hayden is a Human Avalonian male, and a former Cadet of the 103rd Cadet Regiment from the Northern Division. After graduating in 849, he chosen the Scout Regiment where became a vital asset to the 4th Squad, who Hange Zoë personally chose due to his deductive, and a highly keen eye for details. It is so happens, he is the first Archangel in the Order of the Walls.

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Before Year 845Edit


Abilities & EquipmentEdit


  • Genius-Intellect: Though not has intellectual as Alexander Pendragon, Samuel does possess extraordinary intelligence most humans would not normally have. Have Photographic Memory, he is able to easily remember almost every details down to the tiniest detail, making him a valuable asset for the Scout Regiment and Hange. Due to his keen eye, he also makes a perfect partner to Sasha Braus due to her extraordinary hearing instincts.
  • Immense Medical Knowledge: Being a highly known medical doctor, he is widely to be one of the best field medics in the human race. Carrying all sorts of medical items, he is able to perform treatment in the heat of battle with extraordinary speed and precision.
  • Immense Titan Knowledge: With all of the books on Titans, and his in-person confrontations with them during the Fall of Wall Maria, he has extension knowledge in Titans, and possibly their physiology as well when researching with Hange.