"Listen up buttercup. I don't have time for fairy tales."
— Telling Axel off

Jason 'Rooster' Parks was a minor character in Attack on Titan Reborn. He was crushed by the Morphing Titan.

Appearance Edit

Rooster was a tall, well built man. His haircut was shaved at the sides and stuck up at the middle. He had a long face and nose. He had an intimidating presence. He scared most people with his height and glare.

He wore the Survey Corps uniform and the green cloak.

Personality Edit

Rooster was grumpy and was always jumping to violence. He liked to yell and tell people off. He was also sarcastic. When Axel was a cadet, Rooster would tell him off and mock him for not being able to saddle the horse due to his short stature. Rooster was generally mean-spirited.

Relationships Edit

Daley Bronstone - Daley and Rooster got along well. Daley played the good cop and Rooster played the bad cop in their duo. Daley often restrains Rooster and reasons with him.

Trivia Edit

  • Axel had a grudge against Rooster since he was a cadet.