"I-I like you Cynthia-senpai!"
— Reiss would say to his crush,Cynthia Galliard..

Reiss Braun is one of the main characters in the fan-fiction called Marley's Fate. He is one of the 7 kids to get titan powers. He is Cynthia's lover.

Appearance Edit

Reiss has blond hair that's brushed to the side. He has blue bright eyes that looks like ocean colors. He is really adorable and cute. He usually wears Marley soldier clothing since he joined the warrior program too. He sometimes wears black suspenders with a white polo under it and he wears black pants. He looks like Armin Arlert. He also everyday wears a pink blanket.

Personality Edit

He appears very kawaii and cute. He is is happy-go-lucky which means whenever he's sad he still tries to appear happy. He is very sensitive. He often gets bullied a lot. He secretly hates the Marleyan Empire and wants to infiltrate Marley. He is very kawaii,like 100 % KAWAII so he's basically KAWAII.

Childhood Edit

During the Fall of Wall Galliard,Reiss was currently in Wall Hoover with his friend,Nate Tybur. Everyone in Wall Hoover could easily see the Colossal Titan destroy Wall Galliard since Wall Hoover's 20 meters tall. Reiss who was playing with his friend at that time noticed smoke in the sky. But Nate said it was nothing bad. After being banished from Wall Hoover. The two just went to Wall Braun where they met Nicholas,Anna,Cynthia,Noah,and Bertholdt. Reiss who was blushing a lot at that time developed feelings for Cyntthia making him have a crush on her. Since then Reiss and Nate are living next to their friends in a cottage.

Warrior Years Edit

One year after his other friends sign up for the warrior program, Reiss decides to join it too since he was the only one in his friend group to not sign up. A year after joining,he receives the Armored Titan power. His titan appearance is basically Reiner's old titan form but with straight blonde hair.

Relationships Edit

Nate Tybur - One of Reiss's close friends. They are inseparable. Secretly, Nate has feelings for Reiss and develops a crush on him.

Cynthia Galliard - She is Reiss's crush. The two started dating after Cynthia gets rejected by Bertholdt.

Trivia Edit

  • Reiss was named after the Reiss Family but mostly after Historia Reiss.