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The Pendragon Family (ペンドラゴンファミリー, Pendoragonfamirī) are a family of highly trained warriors and a few intellectuai geniuses. Alexander Pendragon and his mother, Guinevere are the only remaining members.


Being the oldest family in Avalon, it is said their history dates back beyond the foundations Walls itself. However, most of their family's history is only found in myths and legends.


The Pendragon Famiyl is one fo the Founding Fathers of Avalon, which was lead by Owen Pendragon. Creating the town within the Walls, and eventually, the survivor of Humanity, including the ancient members of the Knights of Avalon helped to creating the Walls. Now protected, Owen made the foundations of Avalon, and traditions which was still being used to the present day, up to the fall of Wall Maria