"Hey Bert, lets evacuate now."
— Nicholas would say to Bertholdt during the Fall Of Wall Galliard..

Nicholas Yeager is one of the main characters in the fan-fiction called, Marley's Fate. He is Bertholdt's best friend. He is determined to destroy the Eldians.

Appearance Edit

Nicholas appears very happy. He has black hair that's similar to Marco Bott's. He has some freckles on the side of his cheeks. He has dashing brown eyes. He often wears a brown jacket,a white shirt,green pants,and a scarf around his neck. He sometimes wears Marley soldier clothes,and the Marleyan armband around his arm.

Personality Edit

He usually is very happy and positive. He has different personalities. He has the, " Positivity ",the " Moody ", and the " You Better Not Mess With ME " one. He usually uses his Positivity personality. He is very KAWAII.

Childhood Edit

He and his friend,Bertholdt Jr. Hoover witness the Colossal Titan attack Wall Galliard's gate. So they just evacuate to Wall Braun. There they meet Anna Leonhart,Cynthia Galliard,and Noah Palene. They become friends. After,they help Anna by helping search for her grandmother. They find out that instead of being evacuated to Wall Braun she was evacuated to Wall Hoover. A few years later, an expedition was sent to kill all the titans in Wall Galliard. It was a success. After, millions of people were sent to fix the wall. They all were included in this. After, finishing it they all went back to Wall Braun. Since then,Nicholas and his friends are living in a house in the Slava District of Wall Braun.

Warrior Years Edit

A few years later, Anna suggests that they all should join the warrior program. Everyone agrees including Nicholas. After a series of tests,only Nicholas and his friends made it. Nicholas was chosen to get the Beast Titan power. He had to eat the previous titan shifter,Zeke Yeager. Thus he had titan powers,he had them until he died at the hands of a titan.

Death Edit

During the year 950,millions of rampaging titans attacked Wall Galliard and Wall Braun. The two walls were broken,this made titans go inside. Nicholas and his friends at that time were running away from a 15 meter abnormal. The abnormal jumped an fell on top of them. After going back up,Nicholas was stuck in the titan's mouth. Only Nicholas died. His death was similar to Thomas's death. He was swollen whole and died.

Relationships Edit

Bertholdt Jr. Hoover - Bertholdt is Nicholas's best friend. They have been friends since they were born.

Noah Palene - Noah is Nicholas's second best friend. They met in Wall Braun.

Anna Leonhart - Nicholas used to have a crush on Anna,but he changed his mind when he found out Bertholdt likes her too.

Cynthia Galliard - The two are just friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Nicholas's nickname is Nicholai.
  • Nicholas looks similar to Marco Bott.