Marsella Anders
Name Marsella Anders
Other names Mar (マル, Maru)
Sweater girl (セーターガール, Sētāgāru)
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 15 (year 850)
19 (year 855)
Birthday September 14th, 835
Height 1,63 cm
Weight 53 kg
Relatives Francis Langnar(mother)
Sasha Blouse (cousin)
Ilse Lagner (aunt)
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation Trainee Corps
Marley Warriors
Rank 6th
Status Alive
Other Information
Titan Kills 10 assist
4 solo

"I don't even know which side I am!"
— About her as a warrior.

Marsella Anders (マルセラ・アンデルス, Marusera Anderusu) is a female member from the Survey Corps. She is originally from Liberio. Before living normally in Eldia, she joined the Marley warrior program and was a candidate to inherit the power of the Female Titan.


Marsella is of average height and palid skin. She has long black hair, pulled back in a ponytail and leaving a fringe in front, her eyes are a little bit big, with a dark green color, this ones have a relax look. She usually wears the standard uniform of the Survey Corps, with a dark blue sweater and an aqua fabric bracelet (given to her by her mother). As a civilian, she wears a light gray sweater, black pants and low brown boots.

During her time at Marley, she wore the standard uniform of the soldiers along with the band that identifies her as an Eldian.


She is a person who is characterized by insulting others (constructively, according to her) and getting angry easily. Despite this, she is a person who cares about his teammates, such as when she tried to defend the Hange Squad from the anti-personnel squad. She tries to be serious sometimes, but like Sasha they are usually optimistic and cheerful.

Even she was educated in Marley with the ideology of defeating the Eldians and getting the titan founder, she dismisses it as an ideal of life.



She was born in Liberio at the ghetto. Her father was an Marleyan officer and her mother, a member from the Garrison Regiment. As an idea from her mother she joined the Marley's Warriors Program, so she became a candidate for inherite the Female Titan.

All days she attended so early for training and make her parents pride about her; one day she was going to the training zone and the Marleyan officer that was guarding the entrance, snatched Mar's sandwich saying that it was "demon" food. Mar, politely, told so to the officer if he can return her sandwich that was her only breakfast. The officer laughed at her, and -a little bit angry- she says why would take it if it's "demons' food".

Year 845Edit

The fall of Shiganshina arcEdit

The first time that she was seen, was when she was running next to Eren and Mikasa. Then when they were near the river, like other ones she scared and then remember Berthold. She went running with her friends to see what was that, she surprised when saw the Colossal Titan.

Year 847Edit

The 104th Trainee Corps arcEdit

Years later

Year 850Edit

The Struggle of Trost arcEdit


Year 851Edit


Year 854Edit

Marley's arcEdit

Mar was with Armin, when he was going to transform in the Colossal Titan.

People killedEdit

  • Two members of Anti-personnel Squad: In an attempt to defend herself during the Reiss Chapel assault she traverses them with her blades.


Armin ArlettEdit

Mar has a good relationship with Armin, being this one the first person that she met. The first time they met, she was worried and interested in him; then when they join the Cadet Corps the always eat in the same table. She says the Armin is a good person, that he's smart más he should be in the top 10 graduates.

Mikasa AckermanEdit

At first, they even talked, after Wall Maria fell, she was looking where she was. This is one of the girls that she has a lot of respect. Sometimes Mar says that Mikasa make herself scared when she worries about Eren, even in the Trost battle, she said to the Ackerman that she worries a lot 'bout Eren.

Eren JaegerEdit

Armin says that they're similar. She has a good relation with him, with Armin, she defends Eren against Garrison.

Hange ZöeEdit

Mar has a lot of respect yo her, she says that is a good soldier and her works and experiments with titan are very interesting. In the Shiganshina battle she tries to help her against Pieck and Zeke.


"Marsella Anders, she is a master in the use of Vertical Maneuvering Equipment , it lacks some more physical strength, although she is also quite smart. "
— Keith Shadis about Marsella

Vertical Maneuvering EquipmentEdit

She is called a "Master" in this area, because she learned to use it at the age of 8. When she was hanged for th practice, she stay without moving as Mikasa. Thanks to the fact that she is something light and small, she does not usually occupy so much gas, she also has quick movements and she can pass between the small spaces of the trees for the missions, as we have seen when the Female Titan appeared.


In spite of being something small and thin, it has the capacity to be able to knock down Sasha, Historia, Eren or Armin.

Marsella's Statistics:

Battle Skill


  • (About warriors) "Eldia people fighting against Eldia people. Damn. What a good logic!"
  • (To Armin) "The sea, finally we arrived! I had not felt this since I was little! Armin, at last your dream is reality!"
  • (To Jean) "Haven't you realized that you're and idiot talking and discussing with Eren?"
  • (To Mikasa) "You think that I never did something by love, but that's because you don't open your heart and eyes."
  • My whole family is dead, awesome, I love my life...


  • Her hobbies are practicing her aim with bow and arrow with Sasha, drawing and reading.
  • She is physically similar to Eren.
  • According to Reiner, Mar reminds him of Marcel Galliard (for the name) and Gabi (for the physicist).
  • Her first name isn't "Marsella".
  • She is the lowest female member of the Survey Corps.