"I don't like cheese that much."

Gunther Schultz is a main character in another fan-fiction called AoT Reborn: High School. He is a part of the Scouts sports club. He is also a part of the band No Response.

Appearance Edit

Gunther has short black hair kept to a point on his head. He has a darker skin tone compared to the other students.

He wears the usual uniform for the boys which is a black blazer, tie, pants and a white collared shirt.

Personality Edit

Gunther is a very laid-back person, often going along with his friends plans. He is quiet and doesn't usually speak unless spoken to. Even though he is laid-back, he can be serious at times.

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Instruments Edit

Being in a band, Gunther has to be able to play something.

  • Piano/keyboard
  • Saxophone
  • Xylophone
  • Guitar (electric)
  • Drums
  • Clarinet

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