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The Five Royal Houses as they are known, is the current ruling faction of Nobility within Cronus. Born from ancient and lost bloodlines, the Houses have stabalized humanity's existance along with the Military. United, they fend off the forces of the Titans with valiance, while still running the political realm of mankind. Ruling from within the Wall of Janus, the nobility have a long running history, from the foundation of Cronus to it's present-state, an ever present hand in every affair.

The Five Royal Houses, while aiding mankind, have been known to play politics with themselves, usurping power and gaining positioning in the mechanisms of the ruling, caught between the other Houses. Within each House, is three Clans, each of notable fame and value, they control certain aspects of the outer walls, excluding the Military's functions. 

The Five Royal Houses are lead by: Household Lozen, Household Nobunaga, Household Tarar, Household Shaka, and Household Pacal, each baring a linage of descent from an extinct or endangered ancestry.



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