"What the police don't know won't hurt them."
— Erwin reassuring the new members about their first crime

Erwin Smith is the commander of the Assassination Corps and was a former Sniper. He is very optimistic and is rarely seen without a grin on his face.

Appearance Edit

Erwin has messy blonde hair with an undercut. He has icy blue eyes and big eyebrows.

He wears the usual attire for a Assassination Corp member which is a black leather jacket and black pants. Under the jacket he wears a white shirt and black tie. Over his hands are black gloves that leave no trace called Tracers. He has a black balaclava on his black belt. He has the 'Wings of Freedom' on his Tracers. He also wears black boots.

His casual clothes are a white collared shirt and black pants and a belt.

Personality Edit

Erwin is immature however his decisions are often right. He isn't a fan of thinking, often leaving it up to Mike and Hange. Although he isn't the smartest, Erwin makes up for it with his jokes and bright personality.

He is a caring man and cheers almost everyone up with his positive attitude. Whatever the situation, Erwin will make light of it. Erwin tells lots of jokes and likes hearing them himself.

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Abilities Edit

Guns Edit

Erwin's aiming is on point, and he proves this by shooting a tin can from 500 yards away without looking. When he was a Sniper, he never used a scope meaning his eyesight is amazing. He has a wide range of guns and he finds it easy to use every single one of them.

Relationships Edit

  • Levi - Levi and Erwin often tell each other jokes. They trust each other a lot and have lots of respect. Levi does follow Erwin's command, but he will be brutally honest with him.
  • Hange - Erwin thinks Hange is extremely smart and values her for that reason.
  • Mike - Mike and Erwin hang out quite a lot. Mike still thinks Erwin is hard to read, as he has the same goofy grin on his face 24/7.

Quotes Edit

"Hey, Levi, what do skeletons play? The TROMbone!"

"It could have been worse."

"Woah! You're so smart, Hange!"

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