Drachen Zimmerman is one of the Survey Corps and a rare titan/human hybrid.Being the only son of Grisha Yeager and Patricia Zimmerman,he was devastated when his mother died,but soon he met his half-brother,Eren Yeager,whom he shared a childhood with.

Appearance Edit

Drachen has messy jet black hair and emerald green eyes.He wears the typical Survey Corps outfit,except it is all completely jet black.In titan form,Drachen is 16m tall and has a lean,muscular build.His hair is now parted down the middle into two bangs and is shoulder-length and his eyes are blood-red.Skin and flesh is ripped completely off his mouth,revealing all his teeth,except for his canine teeth,which are covered with strips of muscle.Apart from that,he looks like Eren.

Relationships Edit

Grisha Yeager-Drachen looked up to his father in his youth,but after his death,Drachen knew that it was time to grow up.

Eren Yeager-Being half-brothers,and almost twins(Drachen was born a month before Eren),Drachen and Eren are like best friends and do everything together,even Titan kills.

Mikasa Ackerman-Drachen and his adopted half-sister share a strong relationship.Every time Mikasa gets hurt,Drachen snaps and attacks.