Daley Bronstone was a minor character in Attack on Titan Reborn. He was cut in half by Thames Striker.

Appearance Edit

Daley had short, curly black hair. He had an undercut. He was average height and build.

He wore the normal Survey Corps uniform and the green cloak.

Personality Edit

Daley was calm and caring soldier, as shown when he wanted to hear Axel's side of the story. He was also reluctant to leave Axel on the tree branch.

He didn't hesitate to hurt Axel, though, when he went to transform into his titan-form.

Relationships Edit

Rooster - Daley and Rooster were partners and Daley took it as his job to restrain Rooster when he got too violent.

Trivia Edit

  • Daley and Oluo share a birthday.
    • As well as their birthdays, they are also the same height and weight.