— Cynthia would confess to random people..

Cynthia is one of the main characters in the fan-fiction called,Marley's Fate. She is the klutz in the story. She has a crush on Bertholdt Jr. Hoover.

Appearance Edit

Cynthia appears very kawaii about food. She often ties her hair up into a ponytail. She looks similar to an Eldian called Sasha Braus. She often wears regular villager clothes. But, she usually wears Marley soldier clothes and the Marley armband around her arm.

Personality Edit

Cynthia is a very klutzy,kawaii girl. She acts very gloomy and immobile when she doesn't have food with her. She loves eating food everyday. She even sometimes sneaks food into her class so she can eat it. She also is called the " Kawaii Potato ",since she loves eating potatoes and bread a lot.

Childhood Edit

After going to the evacuation room with Anna and Noah. Cynthia stumbles into a different room. This makes her cry since she's alone and lost. She then finds them in Nicholas's and Bertholdt's room. There she rams into Anna and falls on top of Bertholdt who's blushing a LOT. She then develops a crush on him. There she starts to blush and feel embarrassed. After, chatting with them for a while. They start to search for Anna's grandmother. Then, they find out that she was evacuated into Wall Hoover instead. A few years later, a expedition was sent to kill all the titans in Wall Galliard. Cynthia's parents were included in the expedition. It was a success. After killing all the titans in the outer wall, Marley soldiers had to help rebuild the wall. Cynthia and her friends were included in this. After, returning the residents who were evacuated back into Wall Gallaird they had peace for a really long time. Since then, Cynthia and her friends are peacefully living in a house next to their other friends,Nate and Reiss in the Slava District of Wall Braun.

Warrior Years Edit

A few years later,her friend Anna suggests that they should join the warrior program that was assembled a few days back. Cynthia said that would be awesome. So they all signed up. They were given a series of tests. They all made it anyway. Cynthia was chosen to receive the Jaw Titan power. So she had to eat the previous titan shifter, Porco Galliard. Thus she had the Jaw Titan powers. Her titan is only 4 m tall,it's also similar to Ymir's jaw titan form.

Relationships Edit

Anna Leonhart - Anna is one of Cynthia's close friends. The two both trust each other. THey became rivals since they both started liking Bertholdt.

Bertholdt Jr. Hoover - Bertholdt was Cynthia's crush. They are now just friends since Bertholdt started dating Anna.

Noah Palene - They're just friends.

Nicholas Yeager - Nicholas is one of Cynthia's close friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Cynthia looks similar to Sasha Braus.