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Cronus' Symbol

At the brink of extinction, Humanity is guarded by the “Five Walls” better known as Cronus (クロノス, Kuronosu), to survive together the man-eating creatures, Titans. Cronus has a long history with some documented away for the better good of Humanity’s curiosity by the Military. Now, together, the Military and the Five Royal Houses – in Janus – rule Cronus’ politics, economy and plots to defend their citizens against the Titans.

Cronus, the “Five Walls”, is obviously built with five enormous walls. The Outer Walls are rumored to be a human made: Pallene, followed by Anthe and Phoebe. The two Inner Walls’ construction is believed to be forged with ancient knowledge, forgotten in this era, those two are: Methone and Janus.

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Originally, Cronus is built for those that remain in the Oldest Walls. Savoring thousands of humans in their second wall, Methone, while in Janus, only the “elite” of Humanity lived. More men came to seek security, safety, away from the Titans. So, the past (Corrupted) Military decided to offer Humanity new homes – the Three Human Walls. The civilians had to work for their homes, sacrificing many lives, for the selfish Royals and Nobles.

The Military had taken control over Cronus in that time. Humanity lived under their ruling. And many died under their leadership. So, the “elite” of Humanity, the extinct races, the Five Royal Houses, decided to combine their influence. To throw over the government that used to be controlled by the Military. And so, the Five Royal Houses became the “guardians” of Humanity’s lives, tied with the Military. Still, the two groups cannot stand each other; mistrust each other, yet, work together to keep Humanities’ safety.

Prior to the ruling of the Five Royal Houses, the Military had built an “empire” to rule Cronus. This, however, is documented away, kept in Janus, under the eyes of one of the Royal Families.

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Wall of Janus (ヤヌスの壁, Yanusu no Kabe), the ‘First’ and oldest Wall of Cronus which is built with lost foreign knowledge, as well assumed to be the strongest out of the Five Walls of Cronus. In Janus the security lies high with the purest bloodlines that withhold pieces of the ancient knowledge; while some families remain in the other walls, forgotten.

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  • The events of Cronus being in a 'Empire' state is stricken from record. Those who have knowledge of these events have pledged to keep it a secret from the civilization by the Military. Those that hailed from these dark days are no longer alive prior 845, therefore none of the modern day has the knowledge of these events.