Crawler Titan
Kanji 這いの巨人
Type Deviant
Height 2-7M
Rarity 1:60
Abilities Unnatural Speed, High Motor Functions
Unique Trait Sharp/Long Fingers and Arms

Crawler Titans (這いの巨人, Izari no Kyojin) are a Deviant Type Titan, a smaller class of Titan with long sharp hands and razor nails that give them the natural ability to climb and crawl rapidly. Featuring high motor functions, this type of Titan was unknown until the Assault on Cronus, to the first wall Pallene in the Dione District.


In height, these Titans are labeled as one of the smallest class of titans, at 3-7M when choosing to stand upright. With razor sharp teeth, long forearms and jagged nails, these Titans exhibit natural weapons that give them an edge compared to the other Titans. Usually hunched and choosing to use all four limbs to move around, they lay low to the ground and rush towards their target in a hellish crawl. This is how the Crawler's facial expression is immortalized, long oily black hair stringing down a grinning and frozen smile.


Crawler Titans are known to exhibit erratic and selective behavior as per the Deviant Type, distinguished and made infamous by their hunched form and long sharp hands and fingers. These natural abilities, coupled with what the Military and Stationary Guard have reported as an unnatural feat of speed and highly fashioned motor skills. First sited underground, this Deviant type used their traits to infiltrate basements and sewers to gain access into the city. Climbing walls with ease, the Crawler was even recorded showing a natural ability to jump and leap at members of Garrison units.

What intelligence is seen by the Crawlers, they were known to be strategically positioned in the tunnel and sewer works, and revealed themselves in the more tightly compact areas of the towns, even attacking Military bases by infiltrating their sewer systems. The Crawlers last known intellectual distinction is that they seem to evaluate their opponents before making an attack.

Military NotesEdit

  • Crawlers display a high degree of predatory instinct. A report from the Garrison units that survived any Crawler attack all report that they came from tunnels, sewers, and were known to attack in small groups of two-three.
  • When readying yourself to face a Crawler, the primary concern is stay out of reach and wait until the Crawler has taken it's chance to attack. Strike at a Crawler when they are prone mid-air or have recently landed, as it has been known that most Crawlers can only leap after a small window of time.
  • Every Crawler seen in the attack on Wall Pellene was strategically positioned to attack garrisoned units and strike at militia bases. Even found in emergency tunnels and exits from the city.
  • No Crawler has been seen since the Assault on Cronus.