First impressions is the first chapter in the Gangbanger arc and the third chapter overall in Swap on Titan.

Characters Edit

Main: Edit

Eren Jeager

Reiner Braun

Armin Arlert

Mikasa Ackerman

Jean Kirstein

Bertolt Hoover

Marco Bodt

Axel Striker

Minor: Edit

Annie Leonhardt

Conny Springer

Sasha Braus

Christa Lenz


Donovan Mallory

Story Edit

The hooded figure that led me here led in three more kids. I stayed in the farthest corner away from everyone. I was playing with my pocket-sized Rubik's cube. I hated people. Every time I was forced to talk I would freeze up and start sweating. My mouth would dry up and I'd forget what I had to say.