"I-I like you Anna-senpai!"
— A frustrated and embarrassed Bertholdt would say at Anna..

Bertholdt Hoover is a main character in the fan-fiction called Marley's Fate. He is Anna's crush in the story and is also chosen to be a titan shifter along with his friends.

Appearance Edit

Bertholdt appears very quirky and quiet. He has black hair that's straight. He has brown/black eyes. He's very similar to his past relative, Bertholdt Hoover. He usually wears a black jacket and a white shirt and pants. He is often organized. He also sometimes wears soldier clothes with the Marley armband around his arm.

Personality Edit

He acts very quiet,and alone. He is very VERY quiet. He only nods and talks short during conversations. He also is quick to get embarrassed. So to end this short Bertholdt is very very very QUIET! He is also very paranoid.

Childhood Edit

Bertholdt was with his friend,Nicholas when they both witnessed the Colossal Titan make a hole in the Wall Galliard. This made Bertholdt very paranoid and afraid. He ran ahead to evacuate to the boat. They also witness the Attack Titan destroy the gate of the Arc District.After they evacuated they met Anna,Cynthia,and Noah. This makes Bertholdt have a crush on Anna. After talking and chatting for a while, he and along with Nicholas help Anna search for her grandmother. They find out that she's safe in Wall Hoover. Two years later, a expedition was sent to kill all the titans in the Arc District and in Wall Galliard,his parents were included in the expedition but they both survived. Soon after killing all the Titans, they started rebuilding the wall. After,they returned the residents who were evacuated back to Wall Galliard. Since then,he is living with Anna,Nicholas,and Cynthia in one of the houses in the Slava District of Wall Braun.

Warrior Years Edit

While living together, his friend Anna suggests joining the warrior program. At first, Bertholdt was too scared to be a warrior,but he got used to it and signed up with his friends anyway. He had to take different kinds of tests,only Bertholdt,Anna,Nicholas,Cynthia,and Noah made it. Anyway,he was given titan powers,however he was chosen to receive the Colossal Titan power. So he had to eat the previous titan shifter,Armin Arlert. Thus he then had the Colossal Titan powers. His titan appearance is basically Bertholdt's colossal titan form but his is only 50 meters tall.

Relationships Edit

Nicholas Yeager - Nicholas is one of Bertholdt's close friends. They were friends since they were born.

Anna Leonhart - Anna and Bertholdt were close friends too but then Anna found out that Bertholdt likes her so then they started dating. But, they broke up when she disappeared.

Cynthia Galliard - Cynthia is basically Anna's rival since she started liking Bertholdt when they met in Wall Braun. They are now are just friends.

Noah Palene - Noah is one of Bertholdt's frenemys. They both started hating each other since they first met.

Trivia Edit

  • Same as Anna he also looks really like Bertholdt ( The Old One. )