Axel Striker
Name Axel Striker
Alias Axe
Kanji アクスエル・ストリカー (Akusueru Sutorikaa)
Biological Information
Gender Female (at birth)


Age 17
Birthday 21st of December (810)
Height 160 cm

196 cm (after regeneration)

Weight 60 kg
Affiliation Survey Corps
Former Affiliation 104th Training Corps
Grad Rank 11
Species Human
Status Alive
First Appearance
Wall of Origin Wall Sina
District of Origin Underground

Axel Striker is a member of the Survey Corps. He posses an ancient sword by the name of Magni. He is also the owner of Magnus' crystal. He was raised in the Underground, but was born outside of the walls. He is the leader of the Shadow Guardians of Germany.

Appearance Edit

Axel has short black undercut hair that he has parted into a curtain style. He has a chubby and round face, with not a very defined jawline. Axel used to wear glasses, however he refuses to wear them now. He has Asian eyes with a double eyelid, due to him being half European. His head is smaller in proportion to the rest of his body, and he is rather thin. He is scrawny and weak, and many are surprised that he is in the Survey Corps considering that they are the strongest soldiers. He has bigger thighs than most boys, but that was because he was born female. He has top surgery scars on his chest.

Axel's peers have commented about him getting his eyebrows done, but this was never confirmed by Axel. It could be true, as his eyebrows were rather thick when he was younger and are thin in the present.

He now has a fake leg since he lost it in the 57th Expedition. After the fight between Reiner and Bertolt, Axel had lost his waist down and a majority of the skin on his body. They regenerated off screen between Season Two and Season Three. When they did grow back, they are at Axel's desirable size, making him one of the taller characters in the series, rather than being at Levi Ackerman's height.

Axel wears the Survey Corps jacket with a white collared shirt underneath. His casual attire is an assortment of t-shirts with logos on them and black skinny jeans. He wears a red jacket.

Personality Edit

Axel is quiet, however he can be charismatic and loud when he needs to be. He has no problems going against human morals and the law, which is shown multiple times. He doesn't panic under stress and remains unnaturally calm. He likes to feel superior to others, and enjoys it when people are scared of him. This rarely happens, as he has the opposite personality of a leader. He does have a fun-loving side, as shown when he sings, dances and acts immature. He has anger issues, and throws tantrums when he is having a bad day.

Axel is self-centered and doesn't care much for others. He has no qualms with leading others to death. Axel is not a natural leader, as he does not have a commanding voice or intimidating presence. He is rather chill about most things, but does get angry over certain things if they aren't done right. He often jokes that people only listen to him when he has a knife.

It is often hard to tell when Axel is joking or being serious, which can cause younger or weaker people to be afraid of him. Growing up in the Underground meant he was overprotective of his belongings and often does not want to part with his money.

History Edit

Axel was born as the first son to Tyler Striker in the year 810. Tyler forced Axel to be frozen in time in 813, with the use of a special drug, when he was three to stop him from being too disobedient and too old to use his abilities. It is never clarified how long he was frozen for, but it was many years, possibly a decade and a bit, considering Axel states he is supposed to be around his early twenties or slightly older. Seeing how Axel being frozen for so long had caused him to become weak and unable to speak or walk properly, Tyler abandons his little son Underground, hoping he'll be killed or slowly dies of starvation. Axel is found shortly after he was abandoned and adopted by Marco Colombo. Marc trains him for eight years, but unbeknownst to Axel, Marc is using him to become a thief and to work for him. Marc gets a job offer from Kenny Ackerman, leaving Axel in the hands of Kenny's nephew, Levi Ackerman.

It was later revealed that Marco had mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually abused Axel when he was younger, hitting him whenever he didn't do something he was supposed to. This affected Axel greatly in the years to come.

Levi raises Axel along with Farlan. Isabel joins them when Axel is six. They steal the ODM gear and use it until the four of them get arrested. Axel gets sent to the Training Corps straight away. Levi's last words to him for a long time are, 'Join the Survey Corps, no matter what.'. Axel gets pulled out of the Training Corps at the request of his father, who is miraculously still alive. He sends him to where the Warriors were, and tells Axel to use his titan abilities to work with them. When Axel questions him, Tyler ignores what Axel says. Instead, he hands him a red crystal made into a necklace with a piece of thick black string. When Axel asks what its for, Tyler tells him to find out for himself.

Axel doesn't return to the walls after joining the four warriors, now down to three, until it is broken down by Bertolt. Despite having to hang around the Warriors, he does not become particularly close with any of them. He joked around with Reiner, but that was as friendly as he would get. Axel helped destroy the town by setting fire to the houses. It is unknown how Axel learnt to use the crystal, however he has stated that it took him a year to be able to fully control the titan. He hasn't discovered all the abilities available to him.

Story Edit

Humanities Comeback arc Edit

Axel joins the Trainee Corps again because of Marco convincing him to. Shadis finds out that he had quit before, and slaps him on the ear, yelling at him to not do it again. Axel had graduated a couple years early due to much begging from the Survey Corps to have him.

The Struggle for Trost arc Edit

He gets put in a squad with a bunch of trainees. He was stuck back at the walls as a punishment with Jeong. The two had scared a couple of horses and Commander Erwin had punished them. The two lose all the trainees, causing Axel to distance himself from people even more.

Axel helps fight against the titans in HQ. He does not seem shocked when the mysterious titan appeared, and carried on fighting titans. He runs out of gas, but luckily Andrew swoops in a puts him safely the HQ building. Axel helps defeat the titans, and he refills his gas afterwards.

Abilities Edit

Combat Edit

Axel's combat skills are better than most soldiers, mainly because he is used to handling weapons. Without a knife, he is rather useless. Axel knows all the weak spots on the human body, and knows where to cause the most damage. He was taught this by Marco, and it was enhanced in training.

Fusion Edit

Axel can fuse with normal titans, he has not attempted with a shifter, and control it. It uses lots of strength and is very dangerous. If he was unable to get out of the titan in time, he would be stuck as a mangled mess. Axel fuses by jumping on a titans nape and holding his hands against it's skin. He doesn't do it often, and probably won't do it that much, since the first time he had done it he didn't get off the titan in time and lost the skin off half his body. He also lost his waist down.

Teleportation Edit

Axel teleports to get out of trouble, however it seems like he cannot do this all the time. It uses energy from his crystal, so he doesn't use it often.

Relationships Edit

Marco Colombo - Marco was Axel's adoptive father. He raised Axel for eight years, before leaving him to Levi. Axel admired Marc more than his biological father, mainly because Marc raised him better than his father did. Marco tried to do his best for Axel and wants him to have a better life than he did. This is shown when he convinced Axel to join the Training Corps again. Marc was accepting of Axel being transgender, and also helped his son transition to a boy. However, this could have been a way to get Axel to trust him and be easier to mold and control. Axel was in denial that Marc had abused him in any way, and grew up thinking he was the nicest person he had met. It was only until Marc confirmed his abuse in the Uprising Arc that Axel began to see through the cracks of his perfect childhood.

Choi Jeong - Jeong is Axel's best friend. The two were friends before joining the Survey Corps. Axel gets alone with Jeong mainly because he shares his love/hate relationship with K-pop. Jeong's parents taught Axel and the rest of Jeong's friends how to read, speak and write Korean. The two also shared many inside jokes, and would give each other stupid advice. Axel often states how Jeong shaped who he is, and couldn't bear to think about what it'd be like to sing along to BTS and SHINee by himself. When Jeong gets shot, Axel seems to realise he is dead a day later the murder happened, since he was in denial.

Annie Leonhart - Annie and Axel were not close when they first met as Warriors. They only became close after Annie saves Axel from some bullies in the Training Corps. Axel develops a crush on Annie, and eventually he works up the courage to ask her out. This leads to the two of them to date for a few years, until it ends when Annie and Axel decide to go to separate regiments. They find it hard to fight against each other. and avoid conflict until Axel was forced to fight her at the end of Season One. Axel even temporarily transferred to the Military Police claiming to find the 'spy' when he really just wanted to hang out and get back with Annie. They do get back in a relationship but it was short lived as Annie was crystalised. Hanji saw how sad Axel was over Annie, and gave him a piece of her crystal to keep.

Andrew Huang - Andrew is Axel's other best friend. Axel and Jeong would always annoy Andrew, either by calling him 'Hooang', which is mocking the way others pronounce his last name, or how tall he is compared to them. Andrew didn't mind this, and still the two get along well.

Gunther Schultz - Gunther and Axel did not know each other for very long, barely a year, but they were still quite close. They had a romantic relationship, and cared for each other as shown when Axel saves Gunther in the forest and in return Gunther helps Axel at the cost of his left arm.

Trivia Edit

  • Axel is ambidextrous.
  • He was said to be the best dancer out of all the 104th Trainees.