Attack on Titan Reborn or AoT Reborn is a fan-fiction series made by Dorkydoggy. It has OC's littered everywhere as well as dead bodies, blood and magic. Plus some profanity. It is a mixture of the anime and manga. It also has comedy and some music lyrics.

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Overview Edit

AoT Reborn follows the protagonist, Axel Striker, make his way through the apocalyptic situation of Attack on Titan. He watches his friends die and eventually kills himself so the Military can't charge him, as he was a traitor. He then comes back to life thanks to Eric Boulder. He goes on a mission with the rest of the Izans to reclaim Shiganshina before the Survey Corps do. They get caught by the Survey Corps and end up helping them. After clearing Wall Maria and going past the wall, the Izans break off from the Scouts who go to the ocean, and instead go into a forest clearing to start building their empire.

After a random titan attack, Axel hits his head off the ground hard. He sits bolt up right in a bed. Levi is beside him. Levi explains that Axel was in a coma for a long time.

Original Chapters Edit


Gunshots and Gunpowder