"Oh my goyyyd!"

Angelina Martel is one of Axel Striker's personalities. She is the artistic type of person, and isn't that smart. She makes a cameo, like Axel's other personalities, in Attack on Titan Reborn.

Appearance Edit

Angelina has long black hair she rarely ties up. She wears a white shirt and black jeans. She sometimes puts on lipstick.

Personality Edit

Angelina is naive and clueless. She does have a caring heart and is very empathetic. She is friendly and likes to make friends. Her bubbly personality makes her popular and she has lots of friends. She is oblivious to most acts of love towards her.

Story Edit

Relationships Edit

Axel Striker - Angelina thinks Axel is funny and he always makes her laugh.

Top-hat - Angelina gets along with Top-hat and thinks he's 'rather silly in his top hat and vest'.

Torvald - Angelina and Torvald get along the best. They are bestest of best friends, according to Angelina.

Oluo Bozado - Oluo likes Angelina because of how clueless she is, and he thinks it's funny.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other personalities, Angelina does not have a theme song.